Michelle Gladish

Website: michellegladish.com

Roles: Principal Consultant, Developer
Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Michelle Gladish is located in Munster, IN, a town near Chicago, Il. Michelle Gladish is a signature member of Women Artists of the West, Nature Art International and a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

The focus of the site is to allow visitors the ability to easily view works of art created by Michelle Gladish. The site allows users to see enlarged images of Michelle Gladish's artwork using PrettyPhoto, which is a jQuery lightbox clone. The rest of the site is html/css using divs for layout.

0% of traffic is from paid ads. Top 5 traffic sources are from Google (62%), direct (12%), urbanspoon.com (4%), Yahoo (4%), Bing (4%) and Yelp (3%).

SEO for Google has placed terms: cincinnati hamburger & cincinnati hamburgers on the first page of results. The focus phrase: cincinnati gourmet burgers. According to Analytics, gourmet_burgers.html is the most visited page of the site and nearly 62% of visits come from unpaid Google searches.

Top 5 keyword searches are:
-- gordos
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Devices used to view website:
-- Desktop (80%)
-- Mobile (12%)
---- Apple iPhone
---- Samsung Galaxy S
-- Tablet (8%)
---- Apple iPad
---- Kindle Fire HD

Browsers used to view website:
-- Chrome (40%)
-- Internet Explorer (25%)
-- Safari (17%)
-- Firefox (10%)
-- Android Browser (4%)

Avg. Time on Site: 2:19 minutes
Pages/Visit: 2.31 pages
% New Visits: 73.16%

-- Analytics (data for past 12 months) & Quantcast numbers updated December of 2014